Please be advised that our UCITS funds [Altana Corporate Bond Fund and Altana Director Alignment Strategy Fund] are accessible through the following:

  1. All Funds Bank Platform
  2. Zurich Platform: Independent Financial Advisers or Discretionary Managers can contact for any further information, should they wish to buy the fund for their clients.

For any further information or assistance, please contact

Invest in the Altana Director Alignment Strategy with AJBell


AJBell strives to – to make investing as easy as possible for you.

Please follow the below described steps to make your investment with AJBell.

In order to make the investment you will need to open an account with AJBell. When opening an account you can chose from a range of SIPP, ISA and dealing accounts.)

Step 1: Go to the platform site

Please click the below link to go to the AJBell website:

Visit the AJBell Website

Step 2: Search for the fund

A customer can search for the fund by name, sedol or ISIN and it will appear on the website.

The share classes listed on AJBell currently are:





Step 3: Buy for the fund

Once you have located the fund on the platform you can proceed with buying the fund.



After you purchased the fund AJBell will notify the fund manager about your investment.

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