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Alphons Vermorken

Chief Investment Officer:

Lee Robinson

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Key Strategy Facts

Liquidity: Daily

Transparency:  Monthly (Top winners/losers)

Strategy Currencies: USD; EUR; GBP; CHF

Fee Structure:

Performance: 20% (High watermark)

Management: 1.5% (Institutional) or 2.0% (Retail)


Structure: Irish UCITS V

Investment Manager: Altana Wealth Ltd, London

Umbrella company : Altana UCITS Funds Plc (authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland)

Regulated Managers: Altana Wealth Ltd. (London) and Altana Wealth S.A.M. (Monaco)

Depositary: Société Générale S.A., Dublin Branch

Administrator: Société Générale Securities Services

Auditors: Grant Thornton

Lawyers: Walkers Ireland

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barclay hedge awards




For further information please contact:

For institutional investors:

Antony Brown,Othman Domiati, Patrick Lachotzki, James Paton, Nicole Sattinger



Nerissa Ventanilla

Head of Investor Relations


+44(0) 207 079 1080

+377 97 70 56 36

Altana Director Alignment Strategy Fund UCITS

YTD: -4.41%

ITD: +38.54%

(from 1st Jan 2016)

Investment Approach & Edge

Altana Director Alignment Strategy Fund UCITS (ADAS) is a systematic US equity Long/Short strategy investing in stocks with a market cap over USD 1b. It generates alpha on both the long and the short books by filtering directors’ transactions. The portfolio has been trading live with Goldman Sachs since 1st September 2016.

Our method is based on having a deeper understanding of the reasons behind each director’s purchases and sales.

It is only by analyzing the full picture of all the transactions happening in that period of time that you can conclude if it yields true alpha. In order to have liquidity and lower volatility, we only consider companies with a market cap of above $1 billion on the long side, and over $2 billion on the short side.

There are many reasons for corporate insiders to sell but only one reason to buy. Maybe, just
maybe, savvy investors will be able to profit from the acceptable face of insider trading
Peter Lynch, Manager, Magellan Fund – Fidelity Investment, 1977-1990

Our Edge is based on the following:


True alpha can be obtained from an information advantage.


Companies move closer and closer to real time reporting.


The individuals best informed on their company performance are the directors.


Directors are better market timers.

Strategy Performance

ADAS vs. HFR Equity Hedge Index

*January 2016 to May 2017: managed account performance excluding fund management fees; June 2017 onwards UCITS Fund.

ADAS UCITS Performance (gross*)


*Institutional Share Class (USD): Bloomberg ticker ALTDASA ID. ISIN IE00BDD95873, Sedol BDD9587. Performance is expressed gross.

ADAS Managed Account with Goldman Sachs Performance (net*)


*Performance (% m/m) is net of all legal, admin, trading and management fees. Latest month/YTD figures are final figures. Live trading with Goldman Sachs started in September 2016

HFR Equity Hedge Index Performance


Split Returns

2016 - Long-7.28%3.12%7.82%3.15%1.17%-1.24%0.79%7.13%0.07%-1.91%6.35%2.44%22.71%22.71%
2016 - Short9.88%-1.69%-7.99%0.91%-1.55%0.23%-2.38%-1.41%0.48%1.20%-0.12%1.14%-2.57%-2.57%
2017 - Long1.61%1.52%-0.33%-0.47%-2.95%1.88%-0.18%-0.36%2.78%0.02%2.17%-0.75%7.92%28.12%
2017 - Short-0.81%-0.76%1.23%0.15%1.82%-0.70%-0.16%-0.44%-1.02-0.69%-1.85%0.07%-3.55%-5.73%
2018 - Long2.64%-1.36%2.00%3.34%3.22%5.22%1.16%1.93%-0.34%-2.03%-1.09%-11.87%1.71%
2018 - Short-1.03%5.19%-0.14%-2.38%-1.35%-4.00%-1.94%1.04%0.14%5.25%2.00%11.45%11.84%
2019 - Long12.05%3.17%-2.72%2.24%-12.29%8.03%-2.98%-6.55%5.40%4.11%
2019 - Short-10.82%-4.26%1.79%-2.89%2.69%-2.00%2.16%5.13%-1.92%-8.52%

*January to May: managed account performance excluding fund management fees; June 2017 onwards UCITS Fund.

Strategy Exposure and Trades

Exposure & Number of Trades

Gross & Net Exposure

2016 - Gross143%194%198%180%156%122%107%129%171%77%112%110%142%
2016 - Net-29%4%0%-18%-1%60%49%46%7%29%43%66%21%
2017 - Gross76%103%156%99%131%133%95%116%110%66%125%169%115%
2017 - Net-2%31%30%42%43%59%59%116%72%10%50%46%42%
2018 - Gross126%119%170%140%148%168%70%125%139%102%127%186%149%
2018 - Net38%37%47%57%31%20%-28%27%34%13%26%13%25%
2019 - Gross184%176%196%110%109%138%97%156%181%145%
2019 - Net16%-24%1%59%55%58%40%11%14%27%

*January to May: managed account performance excluding fund management fees; July onwards UCITS Fund.

Sector Exposure



Market Capitalization Exposure

Net Market Capitalization

Fund share classes and codes

Fund ClassDescriptionMin initial InvestmentISINSEDOLBloomberg Ticker
A USDInstitutional / Non-distributing$100,000IE00BDD95873BDD9587ALTDASA ID
B EURInstitutional / Non-distributing€ 100,000IE00BDD95980BDD9598
C GBPInstitutional / Non-distributing£100,000IE00BDD95B04BDD95B0ALTDACG ID
D USDInstitutional / Distributing$100,000IE00BDD95C11BDD95C1
E EURInstitutional / Distributing€ 100,000IE00BDD95D28BDD95D2
F GBPInstitutional / Distributing£100,000IE00BDD95F42BDD95F4
G USDRetail / Non-distributingNo MinimumIE00BDD95G58BDD95G5
H EURRetail / Non-distributingNo Minimum IE00BDD95H65BDD95H6
I GBPRetail / Non-distributingNo Minimum IE00BDD95J89BDD95J8ALTDAIG ID
J USDRetail / DistributingNo MinimumIE00BDD95K94BDD95K9
K EURRetail / DistributingNo Minimum IE00BDD95L02BDD95L0
L GBPRetail / DistributingNo Minimum IE00BDD95M19BDD95M1


Monthly Reports


Research Documents


Fund Documents

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