We are pleased to share with you the below “Altana’s Volatility Flash”, as it discusses an extremely rare volatility market event and a two-fold story, explaining  how all this impacts opportunities for the Altana Volatility Strategy going forward:

  1. We tend not to make money in the immediate market drop.
  2. We are extremely bullish for the strategy going forward.

Are you worried about markets going in the wrong direction? We urge you to have a look at the 2008 US performance statistics (data for Europe is similar). It may be a bit choppy going forward but the return potential is fantastic. When there is carnage in a strategy and premiums are being paid for risk history tells us, it is time to allocate capital. We encourage all our investors and prospective investors to consider the use of Volatility products in your investments.

We hope you find the flash article interesting and insightful. We look forward to hearing your feedback or queries.

For full article, please click here: Altana Volatility Flash – Feb 2018

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