Source:  Bloomberg By Bei Hu, Nishant Kumar, Hema Parmar, and Klaus Wille. 16‎ ‎January‎ ‎2018‎.

Altana Digital Currency Fund

“Investment universe: Started in 2014, the fund buys cryptocurrencies in proportion to their global market value and adjusts holdings regularly based on sentiment and market opportunities, according to a presentation seen by Bloomberg News. It also earns 3 percent to 21 percent annualized interest from lending bitcoin to short sellers.

2017 performance: The majority of its 1,496 percent return was from bitcoin’s gain. The fund outpaced the digital currency because of automated arbitrage, momentum trading and short-term, securitized bitcoin loans.

Key people: Lee Robinson, who co-founded London-based hedge fund Trafalgar Asset Managers, and previously worked at Tudor Investment Corp., is chief investment officer of the firm. Portfolio Manager Alistair Milne is among the fund’s co-founders.”

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