Lee Robinson was quoted on a EuroHedge article about Blockchain in April 2018

Altana Wealth’s Lee Robinson, who managed billions with Trafalgar Asset Managers in the hedge fund industry’s pre-crisis heyday, putting him on a par with Jabre, shares his enthusiasm.

“Blockchain is the second or third most impressive disruptive creation of the last 40 years,” he says, behind only the microprocessor and possibly the internet. “Dotcom companies were worth close to $10trn in 2000 in present money terms, and more today, yet crypto ventures barely add up to a few billion dollars.

“Clearly there is materially more upside than downside of the order of 1000:1,” adds the Monaco-based manager. “All investors should be looking at a small allocation given the attractive risk reward ratio.”

You can read the full article here (Subscription required)

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