Absolutely fantastic. Simon Black of Sovereign Man would be a great follow on.


I love his thinking. its refreshing and insightful. So glad history and sties in economics is not a waste of my time.


I’ve seen it 3 times already. Lee is just the real deal.


Absolutely fantastic thinker. Can you please interview him again in the future?


So, history and economics is not dead in this new age after all. Glad to see that such views are not paranoid but mere prudence and risk management. Thanks for the confidence booster.


Excellent interview. I now feel more assured in my own world/ economic view thanks to Lee. Geopolitics, risk, human nature, history, gold, healthy paranoia, self-protection. Thank you.


WOW!!! I mean WOW!!! Brains and brawn ( financially speaking) – AMAZING- just what people need to hear Cant wait for “NAKED GUN 1 1/3” FABULOUS


This guy is crazy. Should be locked up, I’m sure. I plan to replay this interview again, maybe again after that too!


Great stuff-so much info,almost too much to absorb!


Value overflow!


What a baller! Intense riveting interview that would never otherwise be seen.


there is a season for all investment styles, and it woudl appear his season is coming back up again. WE index chasers have had a good run, but its doubtlessly over- at least for the next 7-10 years.


Love this guy!


Spectacular stuff…. Paranoia, why it’s important and how to get it


another guy I would work for in a heart beat. Free. Tremendous practical insights.


Brilliant, one of my Top 5 ever RV interviews. But I find myself saying that every week… More from Lee would be awesome.


jos is allowed his opinion. when it goes to $2000 you can all say “i told you so”


Oh, hum, another unknown macro guy. Totally blown away!!!!!


This guy is amazing. We need part 2,3,4. His ideas and knowledge of history make him a very stimulating speaker. Concisely it is always about the most accurate assessment of RISK vs REWARD.


Great interview. Definitely get him on again!


Wow – this guy is brilliant – SCARY


Real Vision has produced so many excellent interviews, and this one is right up there with the very best.


That was great! Bring on part 2 and 3 and 4. I sensed he had a lot more interesting stuff to talk about and I could listen to him all day. Well done great interview!!


Lee is a volcano of original ideas. You won’t see anyone on CNBC explaining how to get yourself and your money across borders! This level of candour and original thinking is Realvision’s value to me.


Paranoia done right …… Respect!


You’d pay hundreds of thousands for this kind of info anywhere else! Thank you once again, Grant & Raoul…


How many of us think we would EVER get access to this guy absent RV? Sometimes I feel like Cinderella at the Ball. Grant’s turning into quite the inteviewer! Thanks again you two.


Quality thought provoking stuff. Being concerned or bearish on somethings does not make you bearish on opportunities per se. Its a big world out there and a ton of investment opportunities less known.


I love this idea that owning a small, private, positive cash flow business may be the safest bet you can make. Superb insights capital controls and expropriations. Reminds us they happen all the time


Another fantastic interview — easier to move yourself than your assets — can’t inflate your way out when the debt is social obligations!


90:14 worth in 45:07. Whew. Wow.


Great source of contrarian investment ideas. Interesting that gold continues to permeate the zeitgeist. Causing me to re-evaluate my position on the asset. Well done RV, keep them coming.


All the assets in the world have some net value. If the amount of money in the world increases faster than the value of those assets the money IS worth less. Understand this. Understand Gold.


Absolutely riveting, and chock full of insights. Of course, my favorite part is watching these guys structure and articulate their points of view. Keep it coming, guys!


Thank you Grant for providing another superb interview in our never ending thirst for knowledge. The insights we obtain from letting the interview run freely are extremely helpful, keep up the mojo!

With Bund yields up 30% today (i kid you not) active management will be a winner for the balance of 2015


Very good interview with some great insights to further explore. Kudos to Grant for not interrupting Lee’s stream of consciousness and letting the interview flow naturally to its next topic.


Another riveting interview. RVTV just gets better. More from Lee Robinson, please.


Great insights from a seasoned professional who understands the mess we’re in better than most..




This is so refreshing to have someone tell the truth about where we are really at.

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