Over the past three years the Altana Director Alignment Strategy System (“ADAS”) has demonstrated its ability to navigate volatile markets. It positions the book to benefit most from market fluctuations by switching between being net short or net long ahead of selloffs or rebounds as well as selecting trades ahead of events such as mergers, FDA approvals, earning releases or even frauds on the short side. The main driver of the returns cannot be linked to either stock selection or trade positioning only. Depending on the market environment, director confidence in the market and where the economy is in the cycle, the overall return attribution will be better explained by both of these underlying return generators.

We encourage all our investors and prospective investors to read the latest News Flash from ADAS PM Alphons Vermorken:

Topics includes:

  • Chasing tail events… or making consistent good trades
  • Long beta, short beta and tactical trades
  • A deep dive into the 2018 return distribution


ADAS news flash March 2019

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