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At Altana, we believe that the investment industry has lost sight of how to successfully outperform.

We actively seek investment strategies that have a competitive business edge and that we can easily explain and consistently replicate. We are constantly looking to discover and mine new sources of uncorrelated and non-scalable alpha.

We always invest alongside clients in a meaningful way to ensure alignment of interest and that performance is not diluted.

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Cryptocurrency Investments

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The Hedgeweek has awarded the Altana Digital Currency Fund the “Best niche hedge fund” category, for its return and superior outperformance over a passive Bitcoin investment.



Alistair Milne was quoted in a recent article in Le Monde when Bitcoin passed the $10,000 mark.

Le cours du Bitcoin dépasse les 10 000 dollars” Par Marie Charrel, 29.11.2017

“D’après Alistair Milne, gérant du fonds Altana Digital Currency Fund, basé à Monaco, la plate-forme d’échange de devises numériques en ligne Coinbase a enregistré 300 000 nouveaux utilisateurs pendant le week-end de Thanksgiving aux Etats-Unis. Selon les données des différentes plates-formes, la capitalisation totale du bitcoin dépasse aujourd’hui les 150 milliards de dollars.”
En savoir plus sur Le Monde.

Lee Robinson’s article “The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain World: Who are the winners and losers?” has just ben published in the Hedge Fund Journal (November 2017). You can read the full article here.

In a recent Financial Times article – ‘Crypto’ hedge funds spring up in crowded field –  the impressive 2017 returns  of the Altana Digital Currency Fund were highlighted:

“Some funds report returns that any hedge fund manager would dream of. The Altana Digital Currency Fund was up about 413 per cent this year to the end of August.”

For the full article (subscription required) click here.

Alistair Milne is quoted in the below Bloomberg article about how Bitcoin is being increasingly seen as a safe haven currency.

To read the article, please click here.

Source: Bloomberg, by Rob Urban 27 Nov 2017.

Alistair Milne, the CIO of ADCF was featured in a recent article in HFMWeek  “Crypto Currency Trading 101” (https://hfm.global/hfmweek/analysis/cryptocurrency-trading-101/ ) “Alistair Milne, CIO of Altana Digital Currency Fund, says that limiting trading to one exchange would be irresponsible. “It’s essential that managers open numerous exchange accounts, and do their due diligence on the various exchanges,” he says. “While the major exchanges have invested very heavily in cybersecurity, they are not invulnerable.”

Altana Corporate Bond Fund UCITS

The objective of ACBF UCITS is to generate a positive return in all market phases by investing in a diversified portfolio of corporate bonds globally. The fund sources attractive bond investment opportunities in all major markets, seeks corporations that have an extremely high degree of repayment as well as strong defendable business models. Risks on macroeconomic, geopolitical, sector and issuer levels are limited by following a structured allocation strategy. ACBF takes global exposure either via cash bond positions or derivatives, depending on relative valuations and market opportunities.

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UCITS Hedge Awards 2017 - Altana

The Hedge Fund Journal has awarded the Altana Corporate Bond Fund UCITS the ‘Best Performing Fund in 2016 for the ‘Corporate Credit < US$100m strategy assets’ category.


barclay hedge awards




Altana Corporate Bond Fund UCITS has ranked # 6 in the Fixed Income – Long/Short Credit category for May 2015.

Altana Corporate Bond Fund UCITS has ranked # 1 in the Fixed Income – Long/Short Credit category for April 2015.

Altana Corporate Bonds Fund has ranked # 7 in the Fixed Income – Long-Only Credit category for June 2014.

Altana Corporate Bonds Fund has ranked # 5 in the Fixed Income – Long-Only Credit category for May 2014.

UCITS Platform Access

Altana Director Alignment Strategy UCITS

Altana Director Alignment Strategy UCITS (ADAS) is a systematic US equity Long/Short strategy investing in stocks with a market cap over USD 1b. It generates alpha on both the long and the short books by filtering directors’ transactions.

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Altana Director Alignment Strategy Research and Sentiment Data

Altana Director Alignment Strategy Managed Accounts

US Strategies - Managed Accounts

EU Strategies - Managed Accounts

Asia Strategies - Managed Accounts

Altana Enhanced Index Fund (AEIF UCITS – Launch date: TBC) 

AEIF enhances passive index returns by selling calls and put spreads across short dated maturities and multiple strikes. Historically taking advantage of long-term structurally positive returns in insurance markets has added 4-6% to passive index funds. Daily liquidity, low fees make it an ideal replacement for passive investors.

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June 2018: We discuss the subject of skew  for the Optional View from Altana Wealth, written by Michael Bull. You can read the full article “The Optional View (June 2018) – Skews” by downloading a PDF copy here.

Altana Currency Fund (ACF via managed accounts)

The fund aims to increase and protect the value of real wealth by optimally investing in a diversified group of hard currencies including Gold. Currencies are classified as ‘strong’ or ‘weak’ on the basis of a country’s relative strength in public finances, the balance of payments, monetary policy and the domestic financial system. Investment ideas are driven by credit quality of currency pulling together multiple national and international databases.

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Altana Cru Wine Fund (ACWF SLP)

The fund invests in and actively trades a select number of investment-grade wines that are traded in high volume and on a frequent basis. It principally focuses on wines from Bordeaux and a limited number of flagship Burgundy, Californian and Tuscan wines. ACWF generates true alpha with its ability to identify and purchase wine at a discount versus market price, and resell at a fair value through market exchanges and its established international network of buyers. Management has created proprietary software that takes advantage of arbitrage opportunities and generates alpha (identifying opportunities for bids and offer). Access to direct relationships inside the industry enables broker margins to be eliminated.   

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Altana Distressed Opportunities Fund (ADOF SLP) 

An event driven credit strategy with emphasis on risk adjusted returns, investment liquidity and duration flexibility. ADOF invests in a diversified portfolio of 15-20 positions in event driven or special situations targeting yields of 12-15% with a low correlation to broader risk markets and the ability to take advantage of secondary markets. Currently we are pursuing unique opportunities in offshore Oil and Gas to exploit the massive dislocations the oil price decline has brought to a crucial part of global oil supply. The portfolio invests in credit securities, convertibles and highly selected equity positions to capture the opportunities while focusing relentlessly on downside risks.

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